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Purchasing Horse Property?Check out these helpful tips.

Are you looking to find the perfect home for you and your horses? Buying a property suitable for both horses and their humans requires a lot of thought and planning. Find the tips and questions below that are aimed at helping to find the safest and happiest environment for both you and your horses.

How old are the existing stalls and building?

What extras are built in, such as tack rooms, feed storage, and a grooming stall?

Are there other buildings, such as arenas, or equipment and hay storage?Is there a waste management and drainage system in place?

Are the horse buildings fitted with electricity and hot water?

What percentage of the acreage is wooded vs pasture?

Do you have any problem with flooding or standing waters?

What maintenance will need to be done in the next two years?

What size property is appropriate for my horses? Nothing is more natural to your horses’ well-being than forging. They love grazing in the wide-open spaces and socializing with other horses. At the very least, plan for two horses, as they are very social animals who need the company of another for mental health.

Now, you might think the equestrian real estate you have in mind is so vast you know there’ll be enough room for your horses. But some of the land could be covered by swamps, woods, buildings, poor pasture, and even ponds. This type of land cannot be what is considered “usable acres” for foraging. Therefore, you’ll need to subtract all such acreages from the total land purchase and allow for a minimum of 2 acres per horse of usable acres.

Is there an adequate water supply? Water is extremely important to the health of your horses. It helps with digestion and it helps prevent colic and dehydration. On average, a single horse can drink anywhere from 5-10 gallons of water a day. Having water on or running through your land does not always mean you’ll have the rights to it, however.  Make sure you understand your water rights before you buy any type of land, and especially a horse farm.

Stay tuned for my tips on owning horses and horse property!

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